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Manufacturing Management Consultancy in UK

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What We Do

At Ducis Solutions we provide total solutions to turnaround and transform your organisation. With over 30 years’ experience working in manufacturing, design and service, we have the knowledge and skills to implement highly effective strategies that will reverse decline and stimulate growth.

We offer manufacturing management consultancy, Leadership Management Consultancy. Interim and recruitment services for specialist industries, including the defence, aerospace, industrial and automotive sectors.

We believe in shaping the future, by ensuring that all people and businesses realise their full potential, and we achieve this through expert assistance and guidance.

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Through our experiences in business leadership, we are able to manage your organization through a period of change or transformation. We provide a highly specialist skill set which your business may not have internally, and bring with it the ability to strengthen your management team in order to maximise company profitability and efficiency. We possess excellent communication skills and are able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the world…we come with a proven track record!





As a manufacturing management consultancy, we work with small SMEs right through to major blue chips. We will undertake an extensive examination of each process and procedure to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of how your business operates. It is only after completing this thorough diagnostic evaluation, that we will create a solid and substantial strategic road map, with real world solutions that your organisation can easily administer to stimulate growth.





Talent Acquisition

The consultancy work that we undertake puts us in a unique position. As objective third parties with an exhaustive understanding of your business, we know precisely which skills your organisation may be lacking.

We have an extensive network built up over 30 years across various sectors and 10 years’ experience gained specifically within the field of recruitment. As a result, our consultancy also incorporates a talent acquisition element so that we can identify and recommend the best people who will move your business forward. We’ll only work with the brightest and most motivated of individuals and we draw upon this network for your benefit on either a temporary or permanent basis.





Our Mission

Shaping the future, ensuring that all people and businesses realise their full potential.



Our Values

  • We believe in delivering exceptional service to our customers with honest and transparent pricing.
  • We believe in team and individual excellence.
  • We guarantee that we'll constantly look to innovate and always move forward.
  • Do it right and do the right thing every time




Our Process

We specialise manufacturing management consultancy, leadership management consulting, interim and recruitment services for a range of industrial and manufacturing sectors.
From service and supply chain, to design, engineering and talent acquisition - We have the approach to help transform your business

We embed ourselves into your business, to become part of the team, so we can build an understanding of the resources, capabilities and external forces it faces. This forms part of the diagnostic health check. The diagnostic evaluation is an iterative process which includes:

  • Strategy
  • People
  • Innovation
  • Operational Excellence

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Manufacturing Management Consultancy in UK



Industries We've Worked With:

Defence - Aerospace - Automotive - Industrial - Rail - Energy
  Construction - Plastics - Textiles - Engine Componentry






 Manufacturing Management Consultancy in UK

 Manufacturing Management Consultancy in UK









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