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 Diagnostic Health Check

At Ducis Solutions we understand the difference between turnaround and transformation, and provide practical solutions for both - we are able to do this through the application of our diagnostic tool. This diagnostic encompasses the business in its entirety and is a blueprint with clearly defined timescales and objectives that will be the catalyst for change in your organisation. Alongside a full analysis of your financial results, the diagnostic tool is a unique instrument that incorporates the four vital elements of your business.

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The diagnostic tool is circular, it is an iterative process of interwoven components, strategy, people, innovation and operational excellence. For more details about our management consultancy and how we can apply these strategies to your organisation, please get in touch.








When we scrutinise the strategy of your organisation we will help you create and visualise the actions that are needed to help your organisation meet its long term goals for success. The road map will be vision driven and aligned to your values. By clearly defining our purpose (why?), it enables you to then join the dots for people in your business by showing everyone how their everyday actions fit with the company’s vision and where it needs to be in the future. The goal is to create a road map that tells you not only where you are, but also the quickest route to get you to your destination.

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People are the most important element of every business and here we will help you cultivate a high-performance culture. We are experts at identifying the competence gaps, and then providing the creative solutions you need for the development of your people. Our performance management processes focus on providing continuous direction, alignment, meaning, and purpose to employees (www.15five.com).

When you are looking for your next hire, our aim is to always recruit the very best talent. We believe that by being part of your team, it helps us build a deep understanding of the recruitment needs, enabling us to find candidates with the right qualities, and it allows us to begin forming long term relationships with you, the client. At Ducis Solutions we look for the perfect candidates, whether it’s permanent, interim or consultative support you require.





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It goes without saying that every individual employed at your business needs to have an innovative growth mindset, committed to fresh and inventive ways of thinking. Without people who are dedicated to giving life to new ideas, deterioration is inevitable.

At Ducis Solutions we don’t believe that innovation is owned by the R&D department…in fact – we’d go further, and argue that this kind of structure can be counterintuitive. Our philosophy is that every associate in the organization needs to be an innovator. We work with the client to create an innovation culture, from the bottom up, with all associates involved, including those lower down the traditional hierarchy. Using our approved training partners, we coach practical creative problem-solving techniques to front line employees who are well placed to find problem insights and be motivated to find solutions (www.brightidea.com).




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Operational Excellence

At Ducis Solutions, operational excellence isn’t just about continuous improvement, making operations more efficient and acquiring marginal gains. For us, it’s about designing lean operations that result in increased market share, competitive advantage, business growth and shareholder value

For us the process starts by mapping, end to end, from when the order or request for service is accepted right through to when the product or service is delivered to the customer. With your team we then help re-design the process with the aim of ensuring flow can be seen to all associates at all times.

We share a philosophy where problem solving, teamwork and leadership work in unison focusing on the needs of the customer, creating a positive work environment and striving to improve every process in the workplace. We need to get to a place where disruptions in flow are resolved without the need for management intervention. We want managers focusing on innovation, improving process design and how to grow the business. (www.monday.com)